OUR COMMUNITIES – The Best Places to Live on the Big Island of Hawaii!


Always treasured by the Kings and Queens, the Alii of old, the coastal lands form the greatest stretch of leeward coast in the State. On the Kohala coast dark lava forms low sea cliffs which pound the sapphire swells into bright explosions of white surf. We are reminded of the ancient poi pounders … READ MORE

Hawi and Kapa


Here you will find the channel lands, steeped in history, so rich and so deep. The ancient shoulders of the Kohala Mountains sweep for miles under running clouds. Huge sun kissed fields of sugar once dominated these gentle slopes that run down from the rain forest … READ MORE


These are the almost impossibly beautiful saddle lands that run from the thick rain forests of the ancient Kohala Mountains across miles and miles of sun spangled pastures that soar up to the great crowning slopes of Mauna Kea. Millions of snapshots and thousands of paintings … READ MORE



The stunning north coast of our Island has been carved into spectacular beauty by the power of the trade winds that run across the vast open reaches of the North Pacific, gathering moisture into towering clouds that seem to march in ceaseless ranks, slamming into the gigantic … READ MORE


The sun drenched Waikoloa plain is the sunset capital of the State, where gold pastures run from the shoulders of Mauna Kea many miles down to the vast, silent lava fields along the Kohala coast. Waikoloa’s perfect mix of sun and soil results in beautiful yards with tropical trees … READ MORE