MEET OUR TEAM – The Good Folks at Property Buyers Hawaii

Bill Jardine, RB-15424
Bill Jardine, RB-15424Principal Broker
Bill Jardine has been a Waimea resident since arriving as a boarding student in 1957. His knowledge of the community is both broad and deep, matched only by his love of this most special place. Educated at Hawaii Preparatory Academy and Cornell University, Bill returned to Waimea to raise four daughters, walk the hills and fish the sapphire blue swells for marlin and ahi. Regrets for a life spent in Paradise are impossible, of course, and Bill and his wife Cathie have none. If you are considering living in North Hawaii, Bill’s amazing local knowledge and seemingly endless contacts will help you in so many ways that you will wonder if you could have done it all without Property Buyers Hawaii at your side.
Stephanie Tatum-Ford, RS-59604
Stephanie Tatum-Ford, RS-59604Licensed Support, REALTOR Salesperson
Stephanie Tatum-Ford has been a Waimea resident since 1991. Her long pilgrimage to Waimea began in 1975, when she first visited the Big Island as a student at Chaminade College on Oahu. Stephanie brings not only good humor and lots of smiles to an otherwise serious business, but also is extensively trained in legal work and can do your notary work as well! Stephanie extracurricular activities involve acting with a local repertory company and lead singer with a 7-member original music band.
Eryn Uyemura-Iga, RS-66203
Eryn Uyemura-Iga, RS-66203REALTOR Salesperson
Eryn was born and raised in Hawaii and has a deep knowledge of Island ways and people. Her quick wit and natural athleticism make her a perfect mother to keep up with her three sons and husband, whether camping, fishing or paddling a canoe or stand-up surf board. Her great skill in real estate is identifying values and helping our investor clients make smart decisions. Eryn’s knowledge of Waikoloa Village and coastal resorts is hugely valuable to those moving into one of Hawaii’s most beautiful and welcoming neighborhoods.
Starr Sutherland-Maria, RS-79487
Starr Sutherland-Maria, RS-79487REALTOR Salesperson
Starr is a “child of the land”, a keiki hanau o ka aina, born and raised in Hawaii with deep roots that go back many generations. Bright and well-educated, Starr has earned a degree in entrepreneurial studies from Hawaii Pacific University and is a wonderful addition to our team of property experts.

Family is what Waimea and Starr are all about. The great schools and strong sense of community in Waimea were critical for Starr and her family, who moved to our vigorous little village to enjoy the fresh air, access to wilderness and crime-free life. “I love that in Waimea I see my friends by accident all the time! In Honolulu, you only see your friends at certain times and places.

Starr welcomes you and your kids to Waimea with the same enthusiasm and joy that she was welcomed here. If you are tired of the thundering traffic crime and uncertainty of city life, give Starr a call. You will be glad you did!