Property Buyers Hawaii is your only
Exclusive Buyers Agency (EBA) in the State of Hawaii.

Property Buyers Hawaii is here to meet your needs as a property buyer, while all of the other agencies are designed to list and sell properties for property sellers. If an agent is ever put in the position of representing both the seller and the buyer, the agent is not an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.

When you have your own knowledgeable agent to help you locate and negotiate for a property that fits you, you will do much better than you could do on your own. It costs the same to use an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent as it does to work with a traditional agent!


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I am very grateful to Property Buyers Hawaii for their assistance to me in both finding and buying a great property here in Waimea. There is so much you don’t know when you are trying to make a decision about where to live, the pluses and minuses of various locations, how much to pay, etc.

Bill Jardine and Stephanie were ideal teammates for the process. They know so much that it was really an advantage to have them working for me.

Please consider having your own agent, a Buyers Agent, if you are looking for property. It makes all the difference, and you will be very glad that you had Property Buyers Hawaii on your side.

Milton P. Higgins, III
When we first started our search for a home in Hawaii, we were introduced to Property Buyers Hawaii serendipitously. That was well over two years ago. The Hawaii market is very different from ours on the mainland. The folks at Property Buyers have decades of knowledge and experience with the island. They were instrumental in helping us find our dream home in a professional, non-pressured fashion. They made our search easy, fun, and mistake-free. Give them a call, you won’t regret having them on your team!
David, Idalee, and Dashiell Park
During my 34+ year career our family has relocated a dozen times, and with each move a home purchase and sale. Our most recent relocation to Hawaii Island resulted in our first experience working with a buyer’s agent. From our initial interaction with Property Buyers Hawaii through to closing, we received genuine, personalized and attentive service. Their ability to leverage their in-depth market knowledge and community relationships to help us, not only find a home but to help us successfully navigate a complex negotiation and closing, was truly invaluable. In this age of impersonal transactions, it was refreshing to work with capable and caring professionals who had our best interest at heart.
Craig Anderson
We used Property Buyers Hawaii to help us find our new home in Waimea. They are thoroughly familiar with the local market and did a tremendous job for us. It was a great comfort knowing that they only represent buyers and therefore have no conflicts of interest when showing properties and providing advice on value, location, and market trends. Give them a try. You will be very happy you did.
Dave and Lonny Higgins
When my husband and I decided to buy a home on the Big Island after many years of coming as visitors, we felt we knew quite a lot about the island lifestyle. But after we began our search for a property, we realized we didn’t know as much about home ownership here. So we needed a real estate agency that would represent not only our interests, but also understand our goals and dreams—and be willing to break the news to us when those visions weren’t always practical. Once we finally identified the home that was right for us, we further needed an agency that could keep the purchase process on track while we were several time zones away. Bill Jardine and the Property Buyers Hawaii team met all those needs and more, sharing invaluable insights into our new community and making the ultimate transaction as smooth as possible. We have recommended Property Buyers Hawaii to friends looking for a home here, and they’ve also been impressed by the dedicated and knowledgeable service this team offers.
Jeanne Cooper
When we began serious investigation of vacant land in the Waimea area we attempted to work with two other local realty offices. In both instances the brokers showed us only properties they or their companies had listed and resisted showing us other properties which we had identified on line. It became evident that our preferences were not the agent’s top priority. On the advice of a long time Waimea resident, we contacted Bill at Property Brokers and things changed drastically. We strongly recommend that any prospective buyer take advantage of having a representative who knows the area and market and serves only their interests. We ended up with a property that fit our requirements very well and Bill negotiated an excellent price on our behalf. There is likely no more desirable place to live than Waimea and no better person or organization to help you identify, negotiate and purchase the part of paradise that fits all of your needs. Based on personal experience, we wholeheartedly recommend Property Brokers.
Russ & Mary Webster
When we were first introduced to Property Buyers Hawaii we didn’t realize how great it is to have your own broker as you search for a place to buy. These folks know the market and the properties in such a valuable way, and they use their knowledge to help buyers steer clear of the many mistakes that are so easy to make when you are dreaming about a new home. Please talk things over with them. You will be very thankful that you did.
Wayne S. Higaki