Almost everyone has heard the cautionary tale of Hansel and Gretel, the two children lured to a witch’s cabin deep in the woods by visions of sweets and treats that turn out not to be real. In fact, they are lured to their peril by not knowing what lies behind the doors of the charming gingerbread cabin.

The lesson of Hansel and Gretel is also applicable to today’s Internet-savvy house shopper with a host of analytical tools at their disposal. Websites can tell you a great deal about the house, the neighborhood and even comparable sales. You feel safe, knowledgeable and smart, even though the age-old adage of “buyer beware” squeaks away in the back of your mind. You need to know a whole lot more than you do to outsmart and protect yourself from the Seller’s agent who welcomes you to the house and what lies within.

We are Buyer’s agents. We only represent Buyers, and our job is to protect them from all that you don’t know. We know the history of the property, what is going to happen in the neighborhood, whether the Seller is anxious to sell or just toying with the idea. We know how to shield your private information that might be used against you in a negotiation. We also have a pretty good idea what the property is worth, versus what they want you to pay.

As you drive by and see the name on the sales sign, remember that sign is there so that you will call the agent for the Seller, when you should be calling Property Buyers Hawaii (808) 885-6061. Night or day; rain or shine, we have the skill and time to keep your experience safe and sweet.