The Kohala Coast


About the Kohala Coast

Always treasured by the Kings and Queens, the Alii of old, the coastal lands form the greatest stretch of leeward coast in the State. On the Kohala coast dark lava forms low sea cliffs which pound the sapphire swells into bright explosions of white surf. We are reminded of the ancient poi pounders, patiently pounding the taro into soft and beautiful ropes of poi. Bright ivory beaches are embraced by ancient lava, and the brilliant turquoise shallows are filled with clouds of colorful fish.

The State was wise about the Kohala coast. They strictly limited and organized the development of homes, hotels and town houses. Rivers of vivid green golf run through our still, black lava flows. While ancient springs fill sweet, shaded ponds thick with jumping mullet and shoals of tilapia. This is where the Kings came to rest and restore. These lands were so prized that many were kapu, forbidden to commoners on pain of death!

Today, many happy visitors and residents alike enjoy the best of the best. Here there is no limit on the quality of the homes or the creation of cuisine. The country’s best hotels are here, and you are liable to shop along side one of our best chefs or most accomplished business leaders. The Kohala Coast is a reward, after all, your reward for a job well done.

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