Madam Pele, the goddess of fire, has retired to her sleeping chamber and may well be sleeping a long time. Those who have chosen the Big Island of Hawaii for its stunning environment, variety of weather and amazing, sweeping vistas have now been well rewarded!

The volcano abruptly ceased, the vog (volcanic haze) disappeared, and the color and intensity of the Island’s beauty is almost hypnotic, from vivid emerald rainforests and sliver water courses to the intense indigo blues of the Kona fishing paradise.

Flaming, brilliant sunsets anyone? They are here for your enjoyment every night, and many mainland escapees can be found as evening approaches, trying to match their glasses of wine to the splendid colors in the western sky. Even the stars are now so clear that you would swear you could touch them, and not only the children try.

This is the perfect time to make your move and seize rich beauty you have worked for all your life. Let our velvet nights lull you to sleep and the chorus of bird songs welcome you to each new day.

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