Living in Hawaii, we are fortunate to not have to use the words, rainy, windy and cold all in the same sentence! However, those three words are being strung together all over the mainland this month, and we have even seen stories about alligators frozen into the ice in their ponds!

Hawaii people regard winter to be a time of year when the temperature drops as much as 15 degrees and we need to wear socks with our slippers! My family lives in the mountains, and we love having a fireplace, but we have to open all the windows when we light it!

This past week the Polar Vortex escaped its icy cage and roared down over the United States, causing even temperate communities to issue warnings to the elderly, the sick and the careless. “Stay in your homes!” This all seems so distant to those lucky enough to live in Hawaii, where the warnings are more likely, “High Surf!”

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